Digital optimisation

Nine out of ten compainies don’t have their tech stack optimised and are spending money on unnessasary services.

Website services

Are you building or upgrading a Shopify or WordPress site? From basic setup to advanced e-commerce solutions. Planning a scalable solution now can save you thousands during start and as you grow.

Transactional and bulk email

Whether you have a list of 100 customers or 1000,000, We have solutions that will integrate into any setup. If you are using, systems like MailChimp you should talk to us today. The savings may be huge.

Tech stacks

Managing and setting up a techstack  can be a difficult task when your focus is on running your business. We can show you how to achieve it all. Using some very useful techniques.

Social media strategy

Tweet this, Post that. A social media strategy needs planning. How you or your staff reply to customers publicly is critical to your brand and reputation. Get this right, first time, every time.

Deep data analysis

Digital profiling is a specialist service that lets you understand your custmers intimately. When you know who your customers are you can target new prospects for less, creating a lower CPA and higher ROAS

Cool technical stuff

We are innovators and have some amazing ways to do things with really cool stuff. We are always pushing the limits of tech and often implement things that you probably didn’t know was even possible.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

In 2018 we have already saved one of our clients over $250,00.00 in tech costs. You could be next

through optimisation and in-depth data analysis, RedGum Digital added 1.5 million dollars in revenue with only a 50K ad spend.


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